Monday, 22 November 2010

I'm not a musician, but...

I really like this. I reckon there's a lot of stuff in there that could just as easily apply to writers. I know a fair few writers - and there are undoubtedly more that I don't know of - who are using online sites to get their stuff out there and build up a readership. I've heard criticism aimed at those of us who give stories away for free, but I think it's unfounded. Everything is changing. The traditional publisher/agent/writer model is being challenged and is beginning to evolve. The quality of work on some of the online sites - A Twist of Noir, Thrillers, Killers and Chillers and Radgepacket Online to name just three - is very high, and they are also read by agents and publishers, for those who are looking for new ways to be noticed as a stepping stone to a traditional deal.

I also like this, which I just found out about today. Very cool.

Notes: 1) When I say I'm not a musician but... what I mean is I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. (Then again, I seem to remember the awesome and deeply missed Mr Ronnie James Dio said the same about Ozzy Osbourne. Although compared to RJD, most people fall short. (No pun intended.))

2) Thanks to Daniel Hatadi, from whom I pinched the Trent Reznor link. (Daniel is a musician, and does not need a bucket to carry a tune. He writes a mean tale, too.)

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