Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Opportunity knocks

As all you budding writers out there will know, most publishers will only accept submissions via a literary agent, and finding an agent is not necessarily any easier than finding a publisher. Angry Robot are taking a brave step and opening their doors in March 2011 to unrepresented writers. They promise that all subs will be read - and I suspect there will be many! While that may sound like a lot of competition, it's a fabulous opportunity for those of us who are unagented to get our work looked at. Check out their submissions page,  too - full of good advice.

Angry Robot are looking for adult novels that fall under the following genre headings: fantasy, science fiction, horror, and urban or modern fantasy.These may be broadly interpreted, however, as you will see from their guidelines.

I've got a couple of novels, complete, but currently at rough draft stage, that may well fit the bill. Assuming I get one or other of them to the required standard in time, I'll be chucking my hat in the ring and having a bash at this. Be nice to have some company!

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