Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Caffeine Nights, Gone Bad, and The Journal

Good things are happening, so I thought I would take the opportunity to share some of them here.

I've mentioned Caffeine Nights Publishing in a few posts on here, usually in connection with Nick Quantrill, author of BROKEN DREAMS and the forthcoming THE LATE GREATS, and Ian Ayris and his keenly-anticipated debut novel ABIDE WITH ME. Well, in addition to those good things, Darren Laws at Caffeine Nights has given me a very welcome job as part of his editorial team. I'm absolutely delighted about this and thoroughly enjoying working with such an innovative, forward-looking and dynamic business.

My debut e-book, GONE BAD, has started to attract reviews and - so far - they've been favourable. (I have no doubt that will change. I'll post a link to my first one star review here, when I get it. And no, I'm not encouragng anyone to go and write it!)

Sales of GONE BAD are modest but in line with targets (more on this soon). I'm hoping for a wee boost this month, though, because thanks to the hard work of the very generous Mr Laws at Caffeine Nights, I have some publicity. Ian Robson of THE JOURNAL newspaper interviewed me last week and wrote this feature. Thanks to Darren, Ian and Andy the photographer.Much appreciated!

So, if you are inclined to read GONE BAD, you can find it at Amazon UK, Amazon US and Smashwords for less than a pound.

And if you don't have anything to read it on, you can download something that will do the job free of charge from here. Which will also mean you can get lots of other e-books to read, including the ones published by Caffeine Nights. Can't be bad!


  1. Your first one star review, eh? Sounds like a challenege to me! ;)

    Seriously though, huge congrats on the release of Gone Bad and on landing the gig at Caffeine Nights, Darren obviously recognises talent when he sees it.

    That's a great piece in the Journal BTW.

  2. Man, believe me, I won't mind if I am proved wrong on that score!

    Incidentally, I got a one star review for the 1st edition of my NVQ in Management book. When I looked into it further, the man who gave it had blitzed a whole bunch of similar books and had given them all one star reviews. He'd been really nasty about it, too. I got my publisher on the case and Amazon took the review down (he'd accused a ten year old book of being out of date - it wasn't exactly a newsflash - and I was busy working on an updated edition).

    Some time later, when he was at it again, I dug a bit deeper and found that around the time he had slated other people's books, he had self-published his own NVQ titles. Which he has since given good reviews to. Sneaky, huh!

    And ta for the kind words - much appreciated!

  3. oodles of congratulations, like!

  4. Thank you, Pauly-Paul. And thanks so much for all the pimpage - much appreciated!

    Congrats on the CrimeFactory acceptance, too - very cool news.