Monday, 18 April 2011

I love writing

I do. I really love to write. For years now it's been the cornerstone of how I've made my living. At the moment, I'm finishing off some things and planning to start others so that I can offer more stories plus some business information as e-books. It's exciting, I have big plans for this. It'll make me some pennies, offer readers a better deal, and save trees.

So why am I behind on my writing schedule?

Partly because I've been ill. There's no doubt that put a crimp in my output. But even taking that into account, I feel I should have done more. Take this morning, for instance: I attended to the other things I needed to do pretty quickly so that my time could be devoted to finishing off a nearly-there novel, but I've spent the past hour doing non-essential stuff and putting off writing. It makes no sense whatsoever. (And now I'm writing this! As important as my blogs are to me, right now the book takes precedence. Or at least it should.)

If I was working on a new project, I might be able to claim acedia, a variant of which one writer reckons is a natural part of the creative process. We dust the computer screen, clean the keyboard, tidy the desk, generally potter rather than make a start not because we're lazy, but because there's creative stuff going on in our subconscious that has to happen for the good stuff to come through. Can I claim that for writing a scene that's part of the narrative in a work that's well underway? Well, it is a new scene and it's the first good look we get at a key character, so maybe. Do you think?

One thing's for sure: I need to leave you good people in peace and get back to the folk currently sitting round the kitchen table at the church retreat in Otterburn. One of them is more than he seems to be. But is he a villain or a victim?

Right - I think I've finally caught the mood of the piece. Off to write it before I lose it again.  Meantime, if spelling errors drive you nuts, you might like this. Enjoy!

EDIT: By George, she's got it! The last piece of the jigsaw just fell into place. I'll have to go back and seed this throughout the story, but for now - writing like a demon toward the finish line. I love it when it's like this - yay! :D


  1. I like the line about how writers are really letting the mysterious and wonderful processes of the subconscious work their mojo, rather than being lazy. In fact, I like it so much I might even believe it about myself. Sometimes. Maybe.

    Anyway, press on, press on. Sounds like you are nearly there.

  2. Oh, the lengths I go to to try and justify navel gazing! I read somewhere that Agatha Christie got her best ideas when she was washing up. I was preparing lunch yesterday when the piece I needed dropped into place. Maybe I should do more chores. (Actually, looking round the room as the sun streams in through the window, I could start by picking up a duster ...)