Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bargain books for the bank holiday weekend

Well, it seems it's a holiday weekend in both the UK and the US, and since there's neither a fancy wedding nor a dead terrorist in sight right now, I thought some folk might be doing what I'm doing and taking the chance to catch up with some reading.

That being the case, I have dropped the price of 'Convictions' to 70p/99c, and I'll be leaving it there throughout June. That's the minimum allowed by Kindle, and short story collection 'Gone Bad' is available at that price, too. You could pick both up for less than the price of a coffee, which surely can't be bad. (You'll find links in the sidebar if you're interested.)

If you're wondering what they're like, these past few days have brought a couple of smashing new reviews, one each for Gone Bad and Convictions.

If you fancy a read but you don't have an e-reader,  you can get free software from Amazon in the UK (here) and also Amazon in the US. (There are others available too - Google will tell you all about them.)

Finally, my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all those wonderfully generous folks who have bought the books and/or taken the time to write reviews. I am extremely grateful.

Enjoy your weekend, folks, whatever you end up doing.

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