Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Two by two

The wonderfully talented Steven Miscandlon has a story up at Thrillers, Killers and Chillers. FRIGID AIR is his first new tale for some time and his debut at the site. Pop over and have a read - it's dark, clever and funny, and an absolute treat.

Smarty-pants Sam Adamson has not one, but two stories in anthologies published this week. He tells all here. (Read his vampire tales while you're there - they are brilliant!)

Charlie Williams is over at Criminal-E, talking about Blakey, Mangel and the forthcoming One Dead Hen.

And Declan Conner is doing the one man waltz over at Nigel Bird's Sea Minor.

As well as the new Writing Services website, I have an author website under construction.

Some absolutely smashing reviews have been posted recently. New ones for GONE BAD have come in from Chris Rhatigan and Grooydaz39, and the first one for CONVICTIONS from Josh Stallings. Thank you, all, your kind words are very much appreciated.

And finally, in the spirit of twos that this post embraces, I'm posting it at both blogs. What a cheek!

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