Thursday, 26 July 2012

Getting Things Done in Business

I'm absolutely delighted to announce that Getting Things Done in Business, the first in a planned series of books — the Business Shorts series from Miscandlon & Lewthwaite — has just been published at Amazon.

People who are successful in business rarely get where they are by luck alone. The best workers and managers — at whatever level — achieve success by developing their knowledge, skills and abilities in the right directions. By taking a structured approach to both your personal development, and the way you approach tasks in the workplace, you can improve your efficiency and effectiveness, as well as your career prospects.

Getting Things Done in Business provides a comprehensive set of tools and techniques that will help you succeed in business, covering topics such as managing business relationships, time management, decision making and project planning, as well as including invaluable advice on how to achieve results through effective teamwork.

Anyone who works in business will find value in the information contained in this book; however it is particularly suited to those entering supervisory or management positions for the first time. You will find the book full of practical and worthy advice that will help you to succeed in your business responsibilities, from day-to-day tasks to managing critical projects.

Contents include:

Chapter 1: Getting fit for success
Chapter 2: Establishing and managing relationships
Chapter 3: Making the most of your time
Chapter 4: Solving problems and making decisions
Chapter 5: Project planning and management
Chapter 6: Using teams to get results
Bonus chapter — Dealing with stress

Getting Things Done in Business is the first book in the Business Shorts series. Future books will cover subjects including clear business communication, coaching and training, customer care, and people management. Expect books 2 and 3 within the next few months.

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